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10 Best Edgar Haircuts for Men in 2021

Edgar Haircut


Edgar haircuts are the newest trend for men. Short and sharp yet full of attitude, this style suits guys with long, oval, or angular faces. It’s perfect for those who already have short hair but want to update their look with a young, modern, and edgy cut, and it can also disguise an uneven hairline.


1. Classic Edgar Haircut

The classic Edgar haircut is ideal for guys with short, thick hair. It involves blending a high skin fade into a short Caesar cut. Your barber will then trim the front to create a straight line across your forehead. While neat and clean, the classic Edgar haircut still has an attitude and an edgy appeal due to its sharply-defined lines.


Classic Edgar Haircut


2. Wavy Edgar Haircut

While the classic Edgar works best on straight hair, a wavy Edgar allows you to show off your hair’s natural texture and has a more unique and unusual look. The barber will still skin fade your hair at the sides but leave the top section longer to create an undercut effect. Similar to the classic Edgar, your hair will be brushed forward and trimmed to create a straight line across your forehead.


Wavy Edgar Haircut


3. Short Spiky Edgar Haircut

To give your Edgar cut an edgy look, try adding spiky texture to the top section of your hair with clay or pomade. However, to maintain the Edgar cut’s signature straight fringe, leave the front of your hair smooth and product-free. Maximize the impact of the short spiky Edgar haircut by pairing it with a less blended fade, creating a bold undercut effect that draws more attention to your hair.


Short Spiky Edgar Haircut


4. Mid Fade Edgar Haircut

For a sharper and more striking take on the Edgar haircut, pair it with a mid fade. Doing so will create an interesting straight-line effect when viewed from the side. It’s ideal for guys with medium-length straight hair who want to change up their cut with an edgy and unusual look.


Mid Fade Edgar Haircut


5. High Fade Edgar Haircut

If you already have a high-and-tight haircut, try a high fade Edgar for a subtle change of pace. As usual, your barber will buzz the sides into a short and sharp high fade. However, instead of cropping the top section equally short, they will brush it forward into a mini Caesar. Fresh and contemporary, it will give your ultra-short cut a little more personality.


High Fade Edgar Haircut


6. Edgar Haircut + Platinum Hair

Platinum hair has become hugely popular for men over the past year. Not only does it completely change your look, but it also makes you stand out from the crowd due to its bright white color. Because bleaching your hair makes it weaker, short haircuts like the Edgar are a great option when going platinum. Plus, the edgy look of platinum gives an Edgar haircut an on-trend ’80s vibe.


Edgar Haircut With Platinum Hair


7. Edgar Haircut + Choppy Hair

The best way to make your hair stand out is by combining textural elements with sharp angles, and the Edgar haircut with choppy hair is an excellent example of this. The barber creates texture by cutting the top section in many different lengths – known as a ‘choppy cut’ – while maintaining the classic straight-line fringe of an Edgar cut. It’s best to opt for a taper rather than a high fade on the sides to keep the haircut looking cohesive.


Edgar Haircut With Coppy Hair


8. High And Tight Edgar Haircut

Another option for fans of the high-and-tight is to blend it with the sharp lines of the Edgar haircut. Unlike the high fade Edgar, the high-and-tight Edgar involves extending the straight forehead line around the head, creating a disconnected contrast with the buzzed sides. The final effect is a ‘lidded’ look that draws the eye up, without standing out too much.


High And Tight Edgar Haircut


9. Edgar Haircut + Beard

Growing out your beard is an excellent option for guys who want to change their look drastically. A beard can make you look more mature, as well as define your jaw and cheekbones. As an Edgar haircut is a short, angular, and modern cut, it’s best paired with a beard that has those same characteristics. Clean lines are essential, so opt for a short beard with a shape up or an anchor beard.


Edgar Haircut With Beard


10. Edgar Haircut Bald Fade

For guys with very short hair, the Edgar haircut paired with a bald fade is a great option. Similar to the high-and-tight Edgar, it creates a striking ‘lidded’ effect by extending the forehead ‘line’ around your head. However, the bald fade Edgar cut is even more sharply contrasted, as the sides are buzzed short without blending into the more extended top section. Ideal for guys whose style leans more towards athleisure or streetwear, this cut has a sleek yet edgy feel.
Edgar Haircut Bald Fade



What is the Edgar haircut called?

The Edgar haircut is a short sharp style, that’s full of attitude. The styling is similar to a Caesar, but the Edgar has short sides, back, and top, with a high fade or undercut. It’s best suited for thick hair and looks best with a squared-off front and forward brushed bulk.

Who started the Edgar haircut?

The Edgar haircut originated among Mexican teens as a variation of the Caesar cut. It’s since become an incredibly popular style among Latin men.


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