38 Best Odell Beckham Hairstyle Ideas

Odell Beckham Jr. has always been a popular NFL player. Not only that, but he has some pretty cool hairstyles over the years. He’s been one that men love to copy. These haircuts are not only cool but very fashionable. If you are looking for a stylish look this year, then check out these 38 Best Odell Beckham Hairstyle Ideas:

  1. Mohawk Styles

A great style like this is fun and edgy. The sides are shaved while the top is left curly and awesome.


2. Short Styles

In this photo, he has cut his hair much shorter and the sides are shaved with a fade.

3. Cool Cuts

An edgy style like this has a splash of blonde in it. The sides are shaved and the whole look is wonderful with a goatee.

4. White Hot Styles

If you are looking for an edgier look, then go for some white hot coloring. It’s styled in the Mohawk fashion and he has left his beard long for this look.

5. High Top Styles

A great style that is high on top and has some blonde coloring.

6. Cool Mohawk

A great style like this is super cool if you like mohawks. He has dyed his hair blonde and the sides are shaved short.

7. Cool Curls

This is another angle from the style we have seen before. Odell has no problem embracing his curly hair.

8. Cool Styles

Another great style that is bold and edgy. You can’t go wrong with this style this year.

9. Bright Blue Styles

Odell is not afraid of dabbling in color. He tried this edgy style that was top with blue coloring and the side has a shaved part.

10. Simple Styles

This fade hairstyle is going to be really easy to style every day.

11. Cool Blonde

Odell is certainly surprised in this photo and it has nothing to do with his awesome style. His hair is even blonder in this style. The sides are shaved, leaving you with a very cool look. It a great look that goes well with a bearded style. Try it this year and surprise your friends as well.

12. Mohawk Styles

This is another cool mohawk style that has a design on the side of it. You can shave basically any design in your hair so be creative. In this case, the shaved style is low on the neck. It’s a cool style that makes you look like a total rockstar.

13. Fun Styles

A great style that is sure to make you feel cool this summer. It’s a bold look that you are sure to love. Odell has a great personality and we can see that during his interviews. In this case, we also get to see his fun-loving hairstyles.

14. White Hot Blonde

Another great style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. You will be the cool guy at any party with a hairstyle like this. The best part is the contrast between his natural hair color and the bright, white blonde.

15. Cool Styling

If you love mohawks, then you are sure to love this style. Odell certainly loves Mohawk styles as we have seen him sporting quite a bit. This style is one that you are sure to love. Rock it out at your next party and see the reactions that you get.

16. High Styling

A great style that is simple and easy to style in the morning. If low-maintenance is what you are looking for, then you can’t go wrong with this look. It’s a tight style and looks well put together. You could wear this style to work, to a formal, even tor use it as your everyday style.

17. Shaved Sides

Hairstyles with fades are always going to be popular styles. In this case, the Mohawk in the middle is shorter than it usually is. It’s still an awesome look. The fade here is crisp and it pulls together the whole style.

18. Summer Styles

This style is sure to keep you cool all summer long. It’s a short style that is pretty cool and edgy. There is only a small splash of color in this style, but it still makes the whole look pop.

19. Smiling Styles

A cool style like this is great for those guys that love their curls. The mohawk is wider in this style and the fade is shorter. We love how the fade blends in nicely with the whole style. If you want a fresh style, then you can’t go wrong with this look. Try it out and the ladies are sure to love you.

20. Cool Vibes

Another great example of Odell’s casual yet totally cool styles. The color here is darker than most of his other styles. It’s a more polished look and it wouldn’t take any time at all to put together in the morning.

21. Two Looks

He has two very different styles here, but they are both cool examples of what you can do with some fashionable ideas. The first has a more polished edge to it. The top is high while the second photos show a less polished look with a shaggy top.

22. Contrasting Shades

The great thing about this style is that it really stands out because of the contrasting shades. The white blonde hairstyle looks great with the black shaved sides. We have to say that this blonde is our favorite Odell style. It’s a great look that any man should try out during the summer months.

23. Fresh Styles

This casual style can literally be worn anywhere. It’s one of the more put together looks that Odell has had. Try it out for your work day and we’re sure that you will love it.

24. Fashionable Styles

This look is a fashionable one because it’s easy to style and yet it still is cool to look at. If you want a low-maintenance look, this is another one to consider. Styles like this one are easy to manage if you don’t like spending a lot of time styling your hair.

25. Edgy and Cool

A great style like this goes well with a beard. If you have a beard, you can’t go wrong with a style like this one. Odell has also had a lot of cool beards over the years and those styles always go well with whatever hairstyle he happens to have.

26. Rough Styles

If you have ever wanted to try a mohawk style, then this is the one for you. These styles take nothing to put together in the morning.

27. Polished Looks

If you need something a little more polished for your professional environment, then this is the one for you. A formal event is also a great place to wear this style.

28. Sporty Style

Odell is a big fan of dyeing his hair blonde as we can see in many of the photos. Again, we love the contrast of his natural color to the white-hot blonde coloring.

29. Faded Looks

The faded style looks great as it blends right into the beard. It’s a cool style that would be great for summer.

30. Edgy Styling

Some of these curls look almost like dreadlocks. It’s a very edgy style for someone who is looking for something different. Try this look out this summer.

31. Dark Designs

We see Odell sporting a short style with his natural hair color. It gives you a very different look and in this case, the Mohawk was much shorter.

32. Spirling Styles

We see the same blonde Mohawk but from another angle. The sides are shaved and the top is messy. If you want a style that is a little less polished, then this is the look for you.

33. Messy Styles

This style is definitely unpolished and it gives off a fun vibe that we are sure you will love.

34. Flat Styles

You can’t blame the guy for what a football helmet will do to his hair. We don’t recommend completely flattening your hair out.

35. Formal Styles

It may be an edgy look, but Odell has polished it perfectly for a formal event. Judging by his suit you can tell that he likes to show off his fun personality. In this case, his hair matches his personality and he’s showing off his personal look.

36. Bold Looks

This messy Mohawk is a favorite style for men to mimic. That’s because it’s so cool. When it comes to the Mohawk style, it can be styled in so many different ways. This is one look that will always be cool, so try it out this year.

37. Fresh On Top

Odell’s styles definitely come in a lot of different lengths. This particular look is high on top and he leaves it messy. These styles are cool and so easy to style. The sides are shaved right to the skin which showcases the top even more.

38. Bold Curls

We love a man who likes to embrace his curls and that’s definitely the case with Odell. This popular style is one that you should try out this summer. You will blow all your friends away with this cool look.

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