80 Best Braided Hairstyles for Black Women 2020

Intricate cornrow braids, durable box braids or braided updos for black hair are a perfect way to keep thick hair untangled through weeks of a summer season when the sweat becomes a very troubling “accessory”.

Black braid hairstyles are highly popular and adaptive in the African American community and they are getting more popular with every passing day.
Especially when Hollywood celebrities like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian were spotted carrying luxe braided styles.
Zendaya’s popular faux dreadlocks are still present on Instagram to amuse our fashion buds.

It is true that braids are popular among our ancestors, Egyptians communities were fond of styling their hair into braids. In the modern age, they are seen in almost every part of the world.

African American braid hairstyles have a versatility that men, women, and children can rock them easily. Braids, box or cornrow often opt as a protective style. The four seasons can be a little difficult for people with thick black hair.

There is always a big range of styles that can help people in protecting their tresses during long summers and rough winter nights. Fish braids, boho braids, box braids, cornrow braids, tree braids, weave braiding, crochet braids, braided updos, half-braided updos are among the most trending hairstyles on Pinterest and Insta.

People with textured hair often go through multiple braided hairstyles, before they got to know their signature look.

Braids are equally popular among A-listers too, fashion designers incorporate different types of braided hairstyles in their fashion shows as they boost the appearance of their clothes. Braids have something very special in them, knowing that, we have selected 80 beautiful and stylish braided hairstyles in our fashion blog.


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