Wet Textured Longer Strands
@ ulzzang.kboyz


Subtle part offset make this look so good. The sides are tapered but it’s all subtle so as to make the whole look unified. The top is wet textured with the use of some product.

Thick Offset Side Part
@ sa__hairs


Side part not always has to be all the way to the side. Sometimes a little bit offset sets the tone for fun. The fun between the middle to side parts is quite fun. The rest of the hair is thick and clustered.

Layered Long Push Back
@ ulzzang.kboyz


Usually, we see that mid-part with few other elements here and there but this one is quite unique one. The thin hair pushes back is a little thug looking with that layering on the sides so that the top looks longer than the sides.

Frizzy Top with Shorter Sides
@ ulzzang.kboyz


Frizzy hair with the top being longer than a shorter length on the back is quite fun. The sides are tapered a little just to have a controlled look. The back is tapered so as to push all the attention to the front.

Some Gentleman Side Part
@ wdthebarber


Behold the entry of a classy gentleman with that hard part that is supported with some nice side part. The neat look is what steals the show with the sides especially faded for that premium look.

That Thin Hair Middle Part
@ leedongwook_funuk


Thin hair has one great perk of being able to style them in any way one wants. The middle part falls perfectly on either side. The sides aren’t tapered yet they look so controlled. That shade on slight dye makes it just perfect.

Broken French Crop with Pocky Fringes
@ sa__hairs


French Crop amongst Korean styles is not new because it can be used as a middle part. This one can be classified as a thick and pocky middle part. However, the pocky puffy look makes up for the volume.

Longer Thin Hair Don’t Care
@ leedongwook_funuk


Thin hair when parted with a flat texture looks perfectly flawless. The flapping hair sits nicely on the face with longer strands everywhere makes it quite a nice look.

That French Crop with Kpop Touch
@ lorenzoeffehairstylist


We clearly see that poppy feel which instantly gives that Korean-style vibe. Here, the French crop makes it slightly more trendy with that look that makes it amazing to look at. The sides are utterly clean for that chill look.

Puffy Side Part With Thick Side
@ ulzzang.kboyz


Side parts are quite versatile with thick sides for more style statements. The top is slightly puffed for that quiffed look with sides not being tapered fully makes it thick and stand apart slightly from the crowd.

Sharp French Crop with Faded Sides


Korean hairstyles vary a lot and this is one of the variants. The top is thin and slightly french cropped with sides being taper faded subtly. All of it has this neat undertone that makes the skin glow.

Semi Wavy Pocky Textured Mullet
@ sa__hairs


Korean hairstyles aren’t just mid parts and waves, here we see an array of different elements mixed together. Starting with some mullet is a sweet retro touch with the top being pocky textured is quite a combination.

Thin Hair with Slit Side Part


Not all side parts are undercut. Some are purely parted with longer strands for Asian touch to the style. The temple here is slightly long for tad panache but the fringed top is what takes all the attention.

Blonde Mid Part with Side Brush
@ ulzzang.kboyz


Would you just look at those strands and their slight curls? The top is in between mid part to side part with layering on the sides as they fall off perfectly. The temple is longer with rusty blonde dye to it.

Fringed Offset Middle Part
@ sa__hairs


That one thing that is very distinct from “Kpop” is the offset side part. This part sits between the middle part and the side part which makes it so much more fun. The key is to maintain the volume whilst having the waves for more style.

Thin Straight Curls with Undercut Taper


Undercut comes in many forms with thin straight curls that make this look quite a banger with good volume. The frizzed texture makes it fun with straight laid strands. Notice the sides are pretty neatly carved.

Puffy Thin Hair with Lilac Dye


Some hair dryer will bring puff into your life like this one. The thin hair helps to puff with the dye that comes in handy to increase the style statement. The smile is the result of such cool hair styling.

Semi Dyed Mid Parted Thick Strands


Korean hairstyle is all about popping neat colors and parting them in the middle. The undercut on the sides is something that makes it count here. The semi-blue dye is not very common and we see how good it is pulled.